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Gi (new characters)

Kakuka Houkou (郭嘉 奉孝, Guo Jia - Fenxiao)
Real name: Rin (, Lin)

A bespectacled female strategist in Shin Koihime Musou.

She easily gets nosebleeds when having explicit fantasies, and as a result is sometimes found passed out on the ground and often mistaken to be dead (due to a pool of blood from her nosebleeding).


Tei'iku Chuutoku (程昱 仲徳, Cheng Yu - Zhongde)
Real name: Fuu (, Feng)

The silent adviser girl and a new character in Shin Koihime Musou.

She is most notable for always carrying a lollipop, as well as wearing a head ornament that somehow reflects her emotions.


Gakushin Bunken (楽進 文謙, Yue Jin - Wenqian)
Real name: Nagi (, Chi)

A female warrior general and a new character in Shin Koihime Musou.

A strict general who believes in order and discipline, and as such has a tough time keeping her comrades Riten and Ukin under control, using brute force if necessary.

Riten Mansei (李典 曼成, Li Dian - Mancheng)
Real name: Maou (真桜, Zhenying)

A female mechanic in Shin Koihime Musou.

She and her comerade Ukin like to goof around during peacetime, much to the chargin of Gakushin. She is also quite voluptuous given her short stature.


Ukin Bunsoku (于禁 文則, Yu Jin - Wenze)
Real name: Sawa (沙和, Shahe)

A new bespectacled character in Shin Koihime Musou.

She and her comrade Riten like to goof around during peacetime, much to the chagrin of Gakushin.

Ten'i Shiman (典韋, Dian Wei)
Real name: Ruru (流琉, Liuliu)

A character who wields a yoyo as a weapon in Shin Koihime Musou.

Kyocho's friend and frequent sparring partner. The two of them tend to cause a lot of property damage during their sparring sessions. Like Kyocho, she sees Kazuto as a big brother, calling him 'Nii-sama'.

Kyokou (許貢, Xu Gong)

Only her name appears, in Go route and is a detachment of Go previously before leaving to join Gi.

All of her followers were executed by a furious Karin for contaminating the battle against Go by trying to assassinate Sonsaku(died after the battle due to poison set in the arrow).