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Go Kingdom

Go Kingdom (呉,Wu)



Sonken Chuubou (孫権 仲謀, Sun Quan-Zhongmou)
Real name: Renfa (蓮華, Lianhua)

She is the leader of the Go faction. Unlike her sister, she prefers peace for the people. She is insecure about being a ruler and questions herself often whether she's fit to carry the lineage's pride. She also possesses decent fighting skills, but has only used them in training, not actual battle.

This lack of real battle experience caused her to fail to land even a single hit on Kan'u before being defeated. After her defeat, she gives herself up as a punishment for her incompetence in being a ruler. However, she begins to develop feelings for Kazuto as he accepts her as simply a girl rather than a ruler, and for always treating her and her subordinates more as friends than prisoners during their time as "hostages".

It is also slightly hinted by Ukitsu and even Renfa herself that she already developed a crush for Kazuto earlier, possibly in their alliance against Gi.

In Shin Koihime Musou, her older sister Sonsaku takes her place as the leader of Go faction. Her hair has also been greatly lengthened.

However if Kazuto joins the Go faction, Sonsaku is eventually killed in action early in the campaign, and Sonken takes over with a heavy heart, cutting her hair upon doing so. She refused to accept Kazuto at first, but later falls in love with him.


Shuuyu Koukin (周瑜 公謹, Zhou You- Gongjin)
Real name: Meirin (冥琳, Minglin)
The brilliant strategist for the Go faction, said to rivals Koumei. Her affection for Sonsaku goes so far that she is willing to sacrifice everything else for Sonsaku's dream, even if it means to betray Sonken's trust in the original game.
In Shin Koihime Musou, if Kazuto joins Go faction, Shuuyu eventually dies in action at the end of the campaign after the Gi faction is defeated.

Rikuson Hakugen (陸遜 伯言, Lu Xun - Boyan)
Real name: Non (, Wen)
Shuuyu's disciple and co-strategist. She, however, devotes herself more to Sonken than Shuuyu, even willing to be captured together.

Kannei Kouha (甘寧 興覇, Gan Ning - Xingba)
Real name: Shishun (思春, Sichun)

A loyal vassal and overprotective bodyguard of Sonken who almost never leaves her side. However, unlike Kakouton who is Sousou's bodyguard, she feels thankful for Kazuto as he has made Sonken more happy and lighthearted compared to when Sonken was still a ruler, which she wasn't capable of.

In Koihime, she's one of the very few that actually think highly of his kindness rather than to criticize it as a weakness. Unlike other girls, she wears a female version of fundoshi.

Sonshoukou (孫尚香, Sun Shang Xiang)
Real name: Shaoren (小蓮, Xiaolian)

She charges out of the kingdom to fight against the Hongo faction who are falsely accused for betraying the alliance with Go faction.

After being captured by Hongo faction and clearing up the misunderstanding, she takes a liking to Kazuto due to his kindness and enjoys playing around with him.

Daikyou (大喬, Da Qiao)

She, together with her sister, is one of Shuuyu's personal "pets" who have the sole purpose of entertaining her. She's a hermaphrodite.


Shoukyou (小喬, Xiao Qiao)

She, together with her sister, is one of Shuuyu's personal "pets" who have the sole purpose of entertaining her. Unlike her sister Daikyou, she is fully female.