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Gi Kingdom

Gi Kingdom (魏,Wei)



Sousou Moutoku (曹操 孟徳, Cao Cao-Mengde)
Real name: Karin (華琳

The ruler of the Gi kingdom. She rarely becomes upset and wishes to obtain beautiful females into her control, particularly Kan'u. In the first game after becoming a captive of the Shoku kingdom, she strongly questions and is annoyed by how Kazuto could still be alive due to his lack of leadership and his naiveness.

However, she admits it is naiveness that gained him generals like Kan'u. She often questions how she could lose to Kazuto and in turn, Kazuto often questions how he could defeat her. In Koihime, she gives herself up after the war due to her duty, pride and as not to make her people suffer more.

She starts to like him for his gentleness towards her and her subordinates when she surrendered instead of publicly beheading, and possibly raping, them. This is especially true as she realizes he does have keen insight and intelligence within his clumsy manner. As such, she includes him in her selective teasing of her subordinates. Such as not letting them know Kazuto not only had no intention of beheading them, but had promised and even given reasons not to do so.

In Shin Koihime Musou, she is a brilliant and powerful warlord with the objective of reuniting China under her rule, and makes use of Kazuto's knowledge of Asian history to her advantage if he becomes her advisor. She later falls in love with Kazuto, but is too proud to admit it.


Kakouton Genjo (夏侯惇 元譲, Xiahou Dun-Yuanrang)
Real name: Shunran (春蘭)
She is the elder sister of the Kako sisters and is also Sousou's cousin and a commander of the Gi kingdom. She is strong on the battlefield, but is fairly dimwitted, shown by her lack of understanding the meanings of proverbs. Like many of Sousou's subordinates, she enjoys being teased by her ruler. In the first game after becoming a captive of Shoku, she is greatly annoyed by Kazuto, especially when Sousou doesn't deny showing interest in him.

However, like most captives, she becomes less hostile later on and the first member of Gi to call him My Lord (although secondary to her allegiance to Sousou.) This prompts Sousou and Kakouen to do so as well which resulted in Kazuto getting in trouble with Kan'u the first time she witnessed it.
In Shin Koihime Musou, she tends to exhibit a somewhat childish behavior (like when she cried after dropping and damaging a precious object when a horseman passed too close to her), and she has an awkward view of Kazuto, with a tendency to blush while conversing with him, as if trying to hide any romantic feelings she may have towards him behind her strong steadfast front.

Kakouen Myousai (夏侯淵 妙才, Xiahou Yuan-Miaocai)
Real name: Shuuran (秋蘭

The younger sister of the Kako sisters and also Sousou's cousin and a commander of the Gi kingdom.Unlike her sister, she is calm and very intelligent.

In the first game she shows no signs of resent for Kazuto after being captured and even go as far as placing him as her 5th favorite later on. (First three are Sousou [Karin], Kakouton [Shunran], and Kyocho [Kii]. Kakouton hints that the fourth is Ganryou [General Toshi of En] which Kakouen neither confirms nor denies.)

Outside Sousou, she's the only one to be capable of calming her sister.

In Shin Koihime Musou, she has a normal friendly relationship towards Kazuto, and often asks him to bear with her older sister's odd behavior.


Jun'iku Bunjaku (荀彧 文若, Xun Yu-Wenruo)
Real name: Keifa (桂花

The strategist of the Gi kingdom. Out of all of Sousou's subordinates, she is most likely the one who enjoys being teased by her the most.

She starts to develop a small rivalry with Kazuto for Sousou's attention after being captured (in the first game) or when Kazuto serves as Sousou's advisor (in Shin Koihime Musou).

Kyocho Chuukou (許緒 仲康, Xu Zhu-Zhongkang)
Real name: Kii (季衣

A young girl with pink hair who is a commander of the Gi kingdom. She is the only subordinate that Sousou does not tease. In the first game when captured by the Shoku empire, she almost instantly gets along with Kazuto and calls him 'Onii-chan', much to Rinrin's chagrin.

She has a similar attitude towads him in Shin Koihime Musou when he becomes Sousou's advisor. Kakouton and Kakouen care for Kyocho like a little sister.


Chouryou Bun'en (張遼 文遠, Zhang Liao-Wenyuan)
Real name: Shia (

She initially begins in the To empire, but jumps to the Gi empire after being defeated by Kakouton, then to the Shoku empire after being defeated by Kan'u.

She has a hatred of unfair battles and enjoys fair fights with strong opponents. She has a strong obsession of Kan'u to the point of even modeling her own weapon as a black version of the Green Dragon Crescent Blade.

In Shin Koihime Musou, she joins forces with the Gi empire after being defeated by them and remains loyal to them.